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Stop…Hammer Time!

Who is Worthy to Wield Mjolnir?

So for the past couple of weeks, I’ve seen something floating around on social media. A question that really got me thinking, basically a meme asking who, in any universe, would be worthy of lifting Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir. For folks who might be unfamiliar, Thor’s hammer has an enchantment upon it that prevents anyone who is unworthy of its power from not only wielding it but even lifting it, regardless of physical strength.

    When it comes to this particular question, we always see the same answers coming from the folks who like to discuss this sort of thing; Fred Rogers, Samwise Gamgee. So I wanted to think about this and come up with some other characters that were very similar to them. There are a lot of characters who have the same type of moral compass, despite certain things that they’ve done in the past. For example, we have seen Steve Rogers lift the hammer, and we know for a fact that he’s killed people – which isn’t exactly a disqualifying flaw, because sometimes it’s necessary in battle or for self-preservation. What counts is who the person is at their core, and even though they might kill, they don’t enjoy it or even like it. They don’t want to do it and prefer to resolve their issues peacefully if possible. As you’ll see with my list, there are a lot of characters that are just good to their core even if they’ve done questionable things. Of course, not everyone on this list has done questionable things, but you know what I mean. Just to be clear this isn’t a complete and total list, I’m sure there are lots and lots of other characters who are worthy of this honor. Also, this list is in no specific order, just ten characters (with a few honorable mentions, of course).

Steve Irwin – This is a man who spent his entire life dedicated to educating people about the dangers of mistreating animals and trying to help people to understand them. He loved all living creatures and showed us that by treating animals with respect, we can live with them peacefully. Animals that we consider “scary” or “dangerous” were perfectly fine with living their lives and didn’t want to bother anyone if you left them alone. He spent so much of his time talking about how wonderful and beautiful these creatures are, and refused to give in to stereotypes about animals that people think are frightening. They are simply responding to threats – humans invading their habitat or trying to touch them against their will. Steve Irwin would use the hammer to protect endangered species and their habitat – he would protect those who are unable to protect themselves. 

That is why he is worthy.

Brienne of Tarth – There are few characters in Game of Thrones (or the source material, A Song of Ice and Fire) who are as honorable, dutiful, or as beholden to their vows as Brienne of Tarth. She takes her vows so seriously that she is willing to take the Stark girls, Arya and Sansa, against their will in order to fulfill her oath to their mother. She killed to do so and put herself in great danger as well. She did things that others found to be distasteful (like escorting Jaime Lannister to King’s Landing and killing Stark men in the process in the show). She was the truest and most honorable person (outside of possibly Ned Stark) in the entire saga. Brienne spent her whole life trying to earn the respect that she so rightfully deserved. All she ever wanted to prove was that she was as talented a fighter as the men who surrounded her and that she was as worthy of the respect any of them were afforded. She had to fight and scratch and claw her way through life, despite her noble birth and standing in society. She is devoted to all those she serves, and she serves them by choice. Not because it’s easy, or because she’s being paid, but because she knows what the right thing is, and she will do it no matter what the personal cost. 

That is why she is worthy.

Lisa Simpson – Lisa is a peace-loving, intelligent, and big-hearted individual. Sure, she’s only eight, but she is wise beyond her years and hasn’t let the various traumatic incidents involving her family steer her away from the path of personal enlightenment or her desire to better humanity. Were she to be granted the immense power of Thor, she would absolutely use it to make the world a better place, from protecting the environment to protecting the life that calls the Earth home; she has compassion and love for all living creatures, even Milhouse (as a friend). She may not always go about things the best way, mainly because she is so young, but her intentions are always good. She doesn’t do things for personal gain, and the time she did try to sabotage her rival, her guilt got the better of her because that was not who she is as a person, and she immediately regretted her actions and sought to make them right. She learned a valuable lesson and only did what she did because of her youth and naivete. Lisa has always strived to be her own person, and lead by example, from her choice to embrace vegetarianism to Buddhism she stuck to her convictions even when her family tried to turn her away from those things. She understood that her family did not understand the choices that she made, and despite her attempts to enlighten and educate them, they simply lacked the ability to put themselves in her shoes and lead the life she hoped they would; they would always be stuck in their ways and if she was to evolve and grow as a person, she would have to do it in spite of them. 

That is why she is worthy.

Johnny Five – Johnny Five wants only one thing; to live. After a random lightning strike granted him self-awareness and sentience he dedicated his existence to the accumulation of knowledge in order to become a more complete life form. He wanted to read and learn about the experiences of others because he hadn’t experienced things himself and it seemed as though the constraints of his body and appearance disqualified him from those things. He was capable of feeling emotions, but only to a certain extent. He may have had a love for Newton Crosby, Stephanie Speck, Ben Jahveri (or Jabituya in the first film), Fred Ritter, and Sandy Banatoni, and they may have loved him in return, but there was no chance for romantic love because he was unique, he was the only one like him. But he didn’t let that stop him.  Despite the fact that he was treated poorly and differently because of how he looked, no one believed he was alive because he was a mechanical being, he still pushed forwards, tried to help his friends, and protected them, even at the cost of nearly losing his life as a result. Sure he was naive and his innocence resulted in him being taken advantage of by people who had only nefarious intentions, but when he gained more knowledge and experience and understanding of what life truly is, he changed his ways. I mean, he was originally designed as a weapon of war, and as soon as he became self-aware and understood what it was to be alive, he refused to take a life, even going so far as to remove his laser and replace it with a variety of tools, not unlike Batman’s utility belt. With the power of Mjolnir, Johnny Five would be the protector of all sentient life.

That is why he is worthy.

Patrice Bergeron – Few athletes have the immense and complete respect of their peers the way Patrice Bergeron does. He is a great leader, perhaps the best captain in the entire NHL. In a sport synonymous with fighting and violence, Bergeron refrains from battling his opponents with his fists. In his entire NHL career, he has had only four fights, and not one since 2016, against former teammate Blake Wheeler. Aside from his leadership skills on the ice, he does great things off of it as well. He is philanthropic and spends time with various charities in and around Boston, helping to give back to the community and fans that allow him to have the lifestyle and career that he has. Even his contract is a testament to his humility; he’s the heart and soul of the Boston Bruins, but he isn’t even their highest-paid player and his contract with them is well below what he could command on the open market, but his loyalty to his team and to the city of Boston is unflappable. As much as people spoke about specific players spending their whole careers with a single team in Boston because they were so instrumental to the success of the team and they were so beloved by the city (Tom Brady, Paul Pierce, and even former Bruin Ray Bourque come immediately to mind) that they would start and finish their career without ever wearing another uniform, only with Patrice Bergeron is that fully expected. This is not to say that he is without value to another team, but he is so much the driving force that moves the team forward that to move him would be tantamount to an act of blasphemy. Bergeron, should he attain the power of the Norse God of Thunder, would use it to make the world a better place, I’ve no doubt. He would help those who were in need, just as he does now, but on a grander scale. He would not use it on the ice, but in the community. He would understand that the advantage granted to him by the power of Mjolnir would be unfair, and though it would grant him the glory of winning championships in his sport, that’s not what it was meant for. He would use it to help as many people as he could. I believe that even if he were to receive it tomorrow, he would retire so he could concentrate fully on using his power in pursuit of the betterment of humanity.

That is why he is worthy.

Alfred Pennyworth – Alfred Pennyworth is so much more than we have seen in movies, he’s much more than the Wayne family’s butler and the man who raised Bruce Wayne and helped him become the Caped Crusader. He is a military veteran and a total badass character with a very particular set of skills that would make even Liam Neeson envious. He has also built upon that skillset as he grew and his physical gifts may have declined, but his mind was as sharp as ever. He learned along with Bruce and adapted to the changing and advancing technology of the times in order to help Bruce in his mission. Alfred did whatever he could do to give Bruce the help he needed because he knew what Bruce was doing. Alfred also knew that by staying by his side, he could do things to help keep Bruce safe. By fulfilling his promise to raise Bruce the right way and by helping him as best as he was able, Alfred is, by proxy, a hero of Gotham in his own right. Batman spends most of his time being as independent as he can, but he relies so much on Alfred, without people even realizing it. Alfred is just as responsible for the lives Batman has saved as Batman himself. If he was to be granted the power of Thor, I’ve no doubt that Alfred would be side by side with Bruce in his unending quest to battle the criminal underworld of not only Gotham but the threats that imperil the world. We have seen what he was capable of when granted superpowers in the past in his fight against Superman. Alfred Pennyworth, with the power of the Odinson, would be an unrelenting force in the battle against evil, hate, and suffering.

That is why he is worthy.

Obi-Wan Kenobi – Ben Kenobi did some very questionable things in his life, but always in the name of justice and the service of the Light Side of the Force. Even when it was clear that what he had to do was the most difficult thing he would ever do in his life. Even taking up arms against Anakin Skywalker, whom he had trained since childhood, mentored, and loved as a brother broke him emotionally. But he did what he had to do, in his words “I will do what I must” which was not just his response to Anakin’s betrayal of the Jedi and his actions that resulted from Palpatine’s manipulation, but the way he lived his life as a Jedi; he did what he had to do. Obi-Wan was never the most powerful Jedi, or the most knowledgeable with the Force, nor was he the most skilled duelist or pilot, but he never allowed the fact that he would (and probably should have) experienced defeat to influence his actions. He stepped up to every challenge he was faced with because that was who he was. He only knew that serving the Light Side of the Force was his destiny. He may have strayed from the Jedi path now and then, but he always found his way back. With the great power of Thor bestowed upon him, Obi-Wan Kenobi would have used that power to make the galaxy better for billions of sentient beings, and would never have been corrupted by it.

That is why he is worthy.

Neville Longbottom – In a world dominated by incredibly powerful wizards, Neville Longbottom stood out by not being one. But he was there throughout everything, even when Harry, Hermione, and Ron left school to pursue the Horcruxes. Neville stayed behind, stood up to the Carrows and Snape and the Lestranges as well as all the other Slytherins who took over the school in a reign of terror that had not been seen in Dumbledore’s lifetime. Once he was out of the picture, however, things changed drastically. Neville took up the mantle that Harry had left behind as the de facto leader of the resistance. He was tortured, beaten, and still, he refused to give up, steadfast in his resolve and believing that Harry would come back and help him, help everyone and defeat Voldemort once and for all. Neville, despite his incompetence with magic (outside of his brilliance with herbology), refused to give up hope and refused to give up the fight against evil, even going so far as to destroy a Horcrux after refusing to give up Harry’s location, even when confronted with Voldemort, face-to-face. He even managed to win the House Cup for Gryffindor by standing up to his friends, willing to fight them to keep them safe. If he had ever been granted the immeasurable power of Thor all he would do would use the magic granted to him to enhance not only his power but would share that power to help his friends and become unstoppable in the battle against Voldemort, the Death Eaters, and the rest of the dark wizards.

That is why he is worthy.

Samwell Tarley – Disowned by his father and threatened with death because he wasn’t masculine enough, Sam Tarley was sent to the Wall. He was stripped of his birthright and because he preferred academic pursuits; reading and learning about, according to his father, “the accomplishments of better men”. Sam referred to himself as a coward because he preferred to avoid combat as much as possible and he was completely inept with a weapon when it came to training with the other Brothers of the Night’s Watch. But he followed Jon when Jon tried to leave to go fight with Robb and brought him back to the Wall. When it came time to defend Gilly and her son, Sam killed a White Walker. He killed a Thenn at the Battle for Castle Black. He dreamed of becoming a wizard, and learned everything he could learn, he devoured every written word in every book he could get his hands on. Even Gilly referred to him as a wizard when he discussed some of the things he had learned, despite his inability to light a fire, something that was second nature to her. Sam would do anything and everything to protect those that he loves; Gilly first and foremost among them. When she was confronted by multiple Night’s Watch Brothers, Sam stood up to them despite the savage beating he was given. He even told them that after a White Walker, they were nothing to be afraid of, and even though he could barely stand, he would gladly give his life to protect her. Jon was his first and only friend, and he would do anything he could for Jon, although his love for Jon was much different than his love for Gilly. With the power of Thor (which would be perfect in the North of Planetos), Sam would stand side by side with Jon and the other fighting heroes of A Song of Ice and Fire (and yes, I realize that he fought in the Battle of Winterfell, but his inability to fight well led to the deaths of those around him, including his friend Eddison Tollett) he would be an unstoppable force in the Battle for the Dawn against the armies of the dead. He would use his power to fight, but not for glory, for his friends. He would, if possible, give it to someone who could fight better (see the honorable mentions) in a similar fashion as to how he gave his Valyrian Steel sword to Jorah Mormont.

This is why he is worthy.

R2-D2 – One of the most important characters in all of the Star Wars Saga, R2 is the only one who is truly incorruptible. I would also say that he is, without question, the bravest character. He’s not the most powerful, but he is the most resourceful. From defeating Super Battle Droids to concealing Luke’s lightsaber at Jabba’s palace to always being able to direct the computers around him to do exactly what they need to do in order to help his friends. I believe that because he went so long without a memory wipe, R2 has developed some kind of sentience, much in the same way Johnny Five did. He clearly has an understanding of death not only by means of his actions when it comes to self-preservation but also by aiding his human companions as well as his counterpart C-3PO. R2 has used every tool at his disposal from his jets that allow him to fly to his multifunctional computer interface tool that I mentioned above. He’s adept at repairing and navigating starships in addition to everything else he can do. One could make the argument (and I have) that the Skywalker Saga is really the Droid Saga, because, despite everything that the Jedi and the Sith and their allies do, they are always aided by the actions of the droids that surround them. With the power of Thor at his disposal, he would be one of the most powerful sentient beings in the galaxy. He would be an incredible ally for the Rebellion and I’m certain he would have prevented Palpatine from once more rising to prominence with his fleet on Exegol. He would have done even more to protect not only his friends but also sentient life everywhere.

That is why he is worthy.

Honorable Mentions:

Fred Rogers – This is one of the most obvious choices, and he is generally the first person mentioned on most of these lists that you’ll see kicking around social media. That’s why I relegated him to the Honorable Mentions – not because I don’t think he’s worthy but because he’s on everyone’s lists. I don’t believe there are many who are more worthy than Mr. Rogers to wield Mjolnir. Fred Rogers spent his entire life teaching children (and adults for that matter) that they are special, they are valuable no matter who they are. No one is more worthy, not even Thor himself than Fred Rogers.

Jon Snow – Jon Snow did not seek power, did not hunger for the Throne. He wanted nothing but what was best for all people and he literally died for that cause. He was willing to forsake his vows in order to help his family in their war when his father was arrested for treason and his brother Robb marched off to war. He experienced a forbidden love with Ygritte which opened his eyes to the lives of the Free Folk beyond the wall in the true north. He did everything he could to broker peace numerous times. He was willing to die to protect the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros and didn’t care where people were from or what their previous allegiances had been because all that mattered was the war against the Night King. Because he never, despite multiple temptations. He was promised to be granted the name of Jon Stark and named Warden of the North by Stannis Baratheon, and Jon refused because his duty was to the Night’s Watch as its newly named Lord Commander. When he learned of his true parentage, he also refused his place as the rightful heir to the Iron Throne because he had sworn loyalty to Daenerys. He even killed her, despite his love for her, because it was the right thing to do for the good of the realm, and he was the only one able to do it. He would never use the power of Thor, should he be granted it, for personal gain. I also think that if Samwell Tarley was to have the power bestowed upon him, he would pass it on to Jon because Jon is the great fighter that Sam is not. Jon would only accept it because he knew what would be the cost of refusing it when it could provide a distinct advantage in the fight against the dead.

Samwise Gamgee – The true hero of the Lord of the Rings saga, Samwise Gamgee is another name that gets added to the top of these lists, so there isn’t much reason to rehash all of that. I’ll simply say that because of his incredible constitution and dedication to duty, his inability to be corrupted by the One Ring would make him the perfect vessel for the Power of Thor. He would use it to destroy the Ring, as well as potentially grow some incredible potato crops. I don’t believe he would even hold onto that power after his goal was accomplished, much like everyone else on this list because it would be, like the One Ring, too great of a temptation.

Optimus Prime – The Leader of the Autobots and someone who believes that freedom is the right of all sentient beings, Optimus Prime is one of the most honorable beings in the universe. He has fought for and alongside the very humans who have hunted his kind down and treated them as criminals or worse. Despite all of this, Prime was willing to die (and has on multiple occasions) for those very humans’ right to existence.

Matilda Wormwood – Matilda Wormwood already had developed pretty significant powers at a young age and showed that she was capable of wielding that power responsibly. If she were to be granted the power of the Odinson, I have no doubt that she would use it for nothing but good and the betterment of those around her. She would use it for justice and equality and fight for those things on a scale that even she had not imagined at such a young age. She would be able to accomplish some amazing things with that power.

I do hope you have enjoyed this article. I was trying to come up with some fun picks from a variety of fandoms (and real-life) upon whom to bestow the immense power of Thor. We’ve seen lots and lots of characters in both Marvel and DC comic storylines lift and use Mjolnir, from Superman and Wonder Woman to Captain America and even Deadpool. I wanted to think outside of the drawn lines and expand this power to others in vastly different circumstances. If you have some other thoughts or some ideas as to where I might be wrong, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below!