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She Blinded Me with SCIENCE! (The Elements of Dark Energy)

Tamsin Kuhn Trakroo is your average, every-day, fourteen-year-old high school girl. Except she’s super smart. Actually, she’s the smartest Theoretical and Applied Physicist in any room (just ask her!). And the school she attends isn’t your typical high school; she studies at The Prometheus Institute, the world’s most famous and prestigious science school, fully equipped with robots and teachers that are out of this world. And that’s not all! Tamsin is the proud wearer of glasses, but not just any glasses. These specs were specially designed by her father, the world-renowned Dr. Thomas Trakroo, who uploaded his consciousness before his death and now lives as a hologram stored within the frames.

So maybe Tamsin is NOT your average, every-day teenager after all…

Science! The Elements of Dark Energy is a fantastical yet realistic journey of adolescence, intelligence, and morality. Ashley Victoria Robinson and Jason Inman introduce us to Tamsin Kuhn Trakroo – a minority, LGBTQ, STEMinist warrior who is as endearing as she is brilliant. They create an amazing world where science reigns and nothing seems impossible. From striving to learn truths to dealing with an adorable crush, it’s easy to get lost in the pages of this story as memorable characters come to life thanks to the wonderful illustrations by Desiree Pittman and Becka Kinzie.
It was an absolute delight to see the world through Tamsin’s dad-tinted glasses. I can’t wait for Tamsin to blind me with SCIENCE! again!

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