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WOMEN IN HORROR: A Month-Long Look into the Ladies Crafting the Worlds of Fear! Day Twenty Eight – Kaylee Williams!

Award-winning actress Kaylee Williams!

1.      What first drew you into the world of horror?

I’ve always been into creepy/scary stuff. I’m a huge bookworm and every Goosebumps book was a must-have when I was a kid. I loved all of R.L. Stine’s books. The Choose Your Own Adventure ones where you can create multiple stories based on which choice you picked while reading the book were fun!

2.      What film/book/show was the biggest influence on you?

Film – Probably The Addams Family and The Rocky Horror Picture show. I would love to do films like those.

Books – Anything R.L. Stine as a kid, but as an adult Stephen King.

Show – Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

3.      What actor/director/writer do you consider your biggest influence?

Joss Whedon. He does comedic horror extremely well and that’s my favorite genre of horror. 

4.      Who would you consider to be your horror twin?

I’d like to think I’m one of a kind. :-

5.      What do you think you would you be doing if you weren’t involved with the horror community?

I’d be doing other genres of film. But I can’t imagine not being involved with the horror community. It’s been a big part of my life for a long time.

6.      Plug some of your past, present, and upcoming projects.

Some of the projects I’ve completed this year are Troy Escamilla’s “Teacher Shortage,” Adam Steigert’s “The Horrific Evil Monsters,” Matt Cloude’s “Beneath The Old Dark House,” Shawn Burkett’s “Don’t Fuck In The Woods 2,” Domenic Migliore’s “Routines,” and Scott W. Perry/Steve Glassner’s “Candy. Follow me on Facebook or Instagram for updates on screenings and release dates!

7.      Where do you like folks to follow you on social media?

Kaylee’s Facebook page.

Facebook, IMDb, and Instagram – www.instagram.com/officialkayleewilliams

Kaylee’s IMDb Page.

8.      Where can folks find your work?

Some things you can check out are:

“In Fear Of: The Anthology” on Amazon Prime.

“Mrs. Claus” on Amazon Prime.

“Ahockalypse” on iTunes and Vudu.

“Model Hunger” on Amazon.

“Dark Realm” on Amazon Prime.

Looking to take home first prize at the science fair.

9.      Which horror icon would you most/least like to go up against?

Freddy Krueger. I enjoy my sleep too much.

10.  Any advice for young ladies aspiring to become involved in the horror community?

Network! Connect with filmmakers/artists/actors on social media sites, or at conventions/film screenings/etc. Introduce yourself to people and become familiar with their work.

11.  Who is on your Horror Mt. Rushmore?  This can be actors, writers, directors, characters.

Joss Whedon, Tim Curry, Stephen King, and Morticia Addams.