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So this past weekend Ashes and I were in attendance at Terrificon at the Mohegan Sun Casino in Uncasville, Connecticut. It was the first time not only at this convention but at the casino and in Uncasville. When we first got there we were impressed with how easy it was to figure out where we were supposed to go, with lots of signs pointing us the right way. We were able to quickly grab our press passes and after a thorough check of our bags, we went straight into the con. This convention really emphasizes the comic part, with the majority of the guests and vendors being a part of the comic industry in one way or another – artists, writers, creators, etc.

Once we were inside the con proper we were struck by how organized and clearly laid out the whole setup was.  We have been to cons before that labyrinthine and almost impossible to navigate, but here we were able to find our way around with ease, despite the phenomenal amount of artists, celebrities, vendors and others who had set up shop.

We ran into Leo from the Dorkening Steven from Super Retro Throwback Reviews over by Tim Jones’ table. We hadn’t met Tim before, and it was nice to meet him and see what it was he was there promoting. For Tim, he was there because he is the creative force behind Sour Grapes, a comic strip about a grumpy flying dog named Aesop and his adventures. It’s very well-written with a sarcastic humor that both Ashes and I find appealing, and you can find all of Tim’s social media, events, and merchandise here.

Some of the cool stuff Tim had at his table that you can pick up on his site!

From there Ashes and I strolled around the con, as Leo and Steven had to leave to fulfill other obligations. Something about a coven of werewolves, I think.

We wandered around, taking it all in. There were so many different sights to see, it was glorious. We ended up strolling past a booth with dozens of interesting art etched into copper. This was Jackie’s Copper Creations. Each piece was hand-drawn into a sheet of copper and featured either clever phrases (eat. sleep. cake. repeat.), iconic scenes from films (like her amazing recreation of the Jaws poster), or Jackie’s designs based on a pop culture phenomenon like Harry Potter. We were so impressed that we asked her then and there for an interview, and she was energetic and fun and before we knew it ten minutes had passed! Make sure to check out this week’s episode to hear it, and check out her website for some truly cool stuff, and to see if she’ll be attending a convention near you!

Some of the amazing artwork Jackie has created!

Next, we strolled around and saw our good friend Ben Goldsmith of Source Point Press and our 159th episode, “Breezy Bits”. We chatted briefly with him about some of his current projects, including Chango: The Broken Veil Act 1 about a boy who can see the demons each person has in their soul. The kickstarter campaign still has ten days to go, and you can contribute to this amazing project here and see what it’s all about. You can check out this week’s episode for a quick interview we did (right after he gave me some cake) and support the project by contributing or sharing it – the more eyeballs we can get on this the better! Help us help Ben hit his goal, plus you can get drawn into the story! What’s cooler than seeing yourself in a comic? Not much, honestly.

Source Point Press booth at Terrificon! I picked up the Rottentail blu-ray and graphic novel!

Another Saturday activity was the podcasting panel with Steven from Super Retro Throwback Reviews. We ran into Kevin and Yoyo from the Dorkening, as well as Jar Jar Jeremy from the Loose Cannon podcast and it was pretty packed with information for such a short panel opportunity. Steven covered a variety of topics ranging from how to get started, awards, and more! Plus I happened to get a good picture of him doing his best unintentional Giorgio Tsoukalos impression.

On Sunday, the final day of the con, we decided to do a few of the things that we hadn’t gotten the chance to do yet. One of those things was to interview Jerry Pesce who does amazing metal artwork (including a piece that I own depicting Calvin and Hobbes as He-Man and Battlecat) that can be found on his website as well as up to 35 conventions and shows a year! We chatted with him about everything from how he got started to how doing this has exposed him to fandoms that he ended up really loving and was able to provide fans with some amazing and unique artwork!

The picture hardly does this stuff justice, check out his website to see when he’s coming to your neck of the woods!

Of course, no convention would be complete without some incredible cosplay! Leo asked if we were familiar with Matches Malone, and while initially, I wasn’t sure, it turns out that if you’ve been to a con, especially in New England, you’ve seen him there. He is always dressed as Batman and is one of the nicest human beings you will ever meet. He does a lot of work in the community not only on his own but also with a group of cosplayers bringing some happiness to children all over. Ashes was serenaded by Mary Poppins and snuck up on by a terrifying scarecrow in the span of about 90 seconds. One of the more unique and creative designs we saw was the balloon version of Iron Man, as well as the Father of Dragons.

Some folks got to see one of the super awesome stuff we brought home from the convention, including the amazing Calvin and Hobbes print by Ryan Browne depicting Calvin with the Infinity Gauntlet. We chatted with Ryan and we’re hoping to get him on the show to talk about his incredible work, and if you’re an avid comic book fan you’ll already be familiar with him. Oh, and if you want to get your hands on a signed print, they’re very affordable and can be obtained from his store.

Some of Ryan Browne’s impressive art!

Another cool person we met was Bats Langley. We were unfamiliar with him until this weekend, but man are we glad we met him! The main project he was promoting was his illustrated Alice in Wonderland book. Essentially it’s the Lewis Carroll story verbatim, but illustrated as if Alice were documenting her experiences through Instagram! We thought this was a really unique take on the story, so we picked it up. If you’d like to add it to your collection, check out his website! We’re also hoping to have him join us on the show to talk some Alice in Wonderland stuff!

Bats Langley!

Finally, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention what may be my favorite part of the con. Generally, Ashes and I don’t pay for photo ops or autographs because they’re just not in our budget, but every now and then someone comes to the con that’s had a profound impact on our lives that we have to. For me, that was Maurice LaMarche, voice actor extraordinaire. Not only was he just the nicest guy ever who took time with folks whether they were buying something from him or not, but he seemed like he was having a good time interacting with everyone. It didn’t seem forced like he was just there for the money. It was awesome! You can see how happy I was in the picture below.

The incomparable Maurice LaMarche! How cool is this?!

All in all, we had a phenomenal experience with Terrificon. Mitch Hallock organized a great event. It was an absolute blast! Ashes and I ran into some old friends, made some new friends and met some incredible people. We can’t wait to go back next year and see what Mitch has in store for us next! We highly recommend this convention if you’ve either never been to one or if you’re looking for a new one to attend!