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Show Updates!

So we will be recording our next two episodes on Tuesday, July 9. The first show, which will air this coming Thursday, July 11, will be with comic book writer and all-around super awesome dude Ben Goldsmith! We’ll be discussing his process of creating not only characters but the worlds in which they live and how they interact with their environment. You should check out Ben’s Instagram and give him a follow- there’s some really cool stuff he’s posted there!

The cover of The Seance Room #1 from Source Point Press, which you can purchase here.

For our second show, we will be joined in-studio by Alex DiVincenzo, a talented filmmaker and Jack-of-All-Trades for Broke Horror Fan to discuss both Robert Shaw’s portrayal of Quint and the book version imagined by Peter Benchley from the original summer blockbuster, Jaws! Alex has appeared on the show in the past on interviews, but this will be his first time joining us as a featured guest! This episode will air next week, on July 18th – tune in to hear about the time Billy Zane rebuffed a photo op!

This is an amazing drawing and can be found at the link below.

If you have any thoughts or feelings on either topic, or you just want to share with us your rendition of “Farewell and Adieu to You Fair Spanish Ladies”, send all feedback to us by clicking the email link at the top of the page!