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WOMEN IN HORROR: A Month-Long Look into the Ladies Crafting the Worlds of Fear! Day Twenty – Veronica Ley Principato!

Veronica is more of a dog person than cat person.
  1. What first drew you into the world of horror?

Reality drew me into the world of horror if I’m being completely honest. Much of my youth was spent in various stages of homelessness, horror films and books were my only escape from real life’s terror.

2. What film/book/show was the biggest influence on you?

George A. Romero’s Dawn of the Dead would be my number one influence followed by every other zombie creation he had…in no particular order.

Bloody good fun!

3. What actor/director/writer do you consider your biggest influence?

George A. Romero, he’s legendary. Gigi Saul Guerrero, she will be a legend

4. Who would you consider to be your horror twin?

I would definitely consider myself a fighter with a strong survivor instinct so I’d say my horror twin would be Sally Hardesty from Texas Chainsaw Massacre or Chelsea from Jen Wexler’s film The Ranger

5. What do you think you would you be doing if you weren’t involved with the horror community?

If I wasn’t involved in horror I’d likely be a full-time personal trainer.

Greetings from Veronica.

6. Plug some of your past, present, and upcoming projects.

Biohazard Babies have sold to CW, FX, and Freeform television network prop departments as well as to film companies abroad. My biggest hope is just to continue creating and growing my brand.

7. Where do you like folks to follow you on social media?

Like, Follow, and Share at Instagram and Twitter @biohazardbabies

8. Where can folks find your work?

On my website, https://www.biohazardbabies.com/

One example of Veronica’s work at BiohazardBabies.com!

9. Which horror icon would you most/least like to go up against?

I’d least like to face Leatherface, his hyper-focus and dedication to family guarantees endless terror if I run, resulting in becoming an actual piece of meat.

10. Any advice for young ladies aspiring to become involved in the horror community?

The best advice I could offer would be to just get started. Work on your horror craft daily. It doesn’t matter if it’s acting, writing, directing, prop design, or drawing….just get started.

11. Who is on your Horror Mt. Rushmore?  This can be actors, writers, directors, characters.

My Mt. Rushmore Would be Romero, Hooper, King, & Kaufman