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WOMEN IN HORROR: A Month-Long Look into the Ladies Crafting the Worlds of Fear! Day Twelve – Diana Porter!

1.       What first drew you into the world of horror?  

When I was starting out as an actor, I approached it kinda like a toddler or a sheltered teen who goes away to college, I just wanted to try everything. I originally worked with Skip Shea on a Drama and right after we wrapped on that he asked me if I would be interested in appearing in his film Ave Maria, which is horror. We had a great day shooting Ave Maria. It was there I met the indomitable Izzy Lee, who I’ve worked with many, MANY times now and she also was my wonderful introduction to attending genre film festivals! I also met Andrea Wolanin who has been one of my biggest supporters as I moved into writing, producing and especially directing. I don’t think I would have made the leap without her, and definitely would not have been as successful without her.

2.       What film/book/show was the biggest influence on you?

These questions always stump me, so I have a kind of cheat answer. The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I performed in a shadow cast production for many years and met many of my life long friends there. Most importantly, the first time my husband saw me, I was on stage playing Magenta. My life would be very different without that movie. 

3.       What actor/director/writer do you consider your biggest influence?

I pull influences from a lot of different places. Friends like Izzy, Andrea and also George O’Connor who keep me pushing and remind me to just make the thing are very important. I can also see the clear effect of growing up on Twilight Zone, Star Trek and B Movies on my film making (thanks Dad!) and my preteen reading preferences of Orwell, Bradbury, Atwood and the like, shows as well. More than a few times, after seeing a film I’ve written, people ask me if I’m a fan of Black Mirror, and yes of course I am, but I’ve been writing like this for decades.

Ready to kick some ass.

4.       Who would you consider to be your horror twin?

Can I say, Toni Collette? We don’t look much alike but I really adore her work. She has tackled some incredibly interesting projects and I find her characters entrancing.

5.       What do you think you would you be doing if you weren’t involved with the horror community?

That would be so sad! So much of the joy I have in my career comes from my horror coven and attending genre festivals… I don’t want to think about that.

6.       Plug some of your past, present, and upcoming projects.

My directorial debut, Heartbeat is doing the festival circuit right now! It’s a very personal story and it’s been amazingly gratifying to hear the audience reaction to it. For acting, you can see me in Matryoshka which is playing ALL over the place. It’s had so many festival acceptances I have fully lost track. 

7.       Where do you like folks to follow you on social media?

Instagram is Dianamporter and you can also follow me on FB

8.       Where can folks find your work?

I have a website! https://www.dianaporteractress.com/

9.       Which horror icon would you most/least like to go up against?

I’m terrified of Alien Abduction. Those creepy big-headed dudes… no, thank you.

10.   Any advice for young ladies aspiring to become involved in the horror community?

Tell gatekeepers to go fuck themselves. Women invented this genre.

Other than that, put your work in and enjoy every moment of it. 

11.   Who is on your Horror Mt. Rushmore?  This can be actors, writers, directors, characters.

George Romero, Mary Shelley, Stephen King, Jamie Lee Curtis